“Few authors are able to radiate happiness, joy, and gratification through their writing like Larissa does. The world needs more people with her skills.”
– David G. Curmi
Executive Chairman, Air Malta p.l.c.

Your Roadmap to Living and Spreading

Sustainable Happiness


No matter who you are, where you are or what you do in life, with today’s challenges, you feel overworked, burdened, frustrated, engulfed by pain, and surrounded by a deep sense of emptiness.
You might believe that someone or something external is responsible for it, but the reality is that it’s YOU who is in charge of your fulfilment. The only way you can pave your path to mental clarity, inner freedom, and true sustainable happiness is to commit to mental, physical, emotional, social, and environmental detoxification.
Happydemic is an interactive book with a collection of Larissa’s personal experiences and learnings, fuelled by her proven “Immune MNMS Detox Formula” which gives you a clear roadmap to bridge the mind and heart, guiding you away from all the suffering, and towards finding your purpose.

Self-Help, Wellbeing



International Bestseller

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Feeling lost, confused, or unhappy about your life?

It's possible to change that all. Be the architect of your future. Get started by downloading a free chapter of my book Happydemic today!

Why Should You Read Happydemic?

This book is for you if you want to…

Find your purpose and resolve your past baggage to architect a fulfilled destiny

Achieve mental clarity and install inner peace so you can see all the possibilities

Detox from limiting beliefs, bad habits and thoughts, mental conditioning, and heal physical pain

Free yourself from your inner prison and boost your self-confidence and wellbeing

Learn to accept, forgive, let go, face crisis, think, plan and act passionately

Play to win and live a life
worth living

Happydemic is now available at all global leading retailers in print and ebook format. Grab your copy today!

Rave Reviews


Larissa's techniques are booster keys

I did not realise that thinking in a positive manner has a major effect on controlling my energy levels. Your techniques in spreading positivity are the booster keys which I learned and apply daily mainly now to cope with COVID-19. You made me a more powerful person. You prepared me to be a dreamer, to feel better, and to live in the first place. Thank You Very Much!

Ernst & Young Assistant Associate


It is so hard to put the book down

Larissa Redaelli’s Happydemic is an incredible blend of her own life experience, expertise and thorough research, offering practical formulas on how to unlock your true potential and achieve your goals. Illuminating blueprint to your own pursuit of happiness…it is so hard to put the book down.

Marketing Specialist, Marjan


Infected with a happy DNA

Larissa has been infected with a happy DNA! Through her book Happydemic, she provides a well-rounded view on the topic of happiness. Wishing her all the success.

The Passionpreneur


Quality and compelling content

I have known Larissa for more than twenty-five years now. She has always had an interest in writing quality and compelling content. I have always been amazed by her passion for creativity. Larissa is intelligent, exceptionally competent, dedicated, enthusiastic, honest, and has excellent communication skills, which helps her connect with everybody around her.

Managing Director, Eurovision Services Middle East 


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Originally unveiled at the Geneva Hotel Management School EHG, you can find this special edition book on sale at the Geneva Hotel Management School, Payot bookstores in Switzerland, and via this website.

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