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No matter who you are, where you are, or what you do in life, without a full mental, emotional, physical, and environmental detox, you will experience chaos, constant pain, frustration and emptiness.

Just imagine how your life would look like if only you are committed to mental clarity, inner freedom, and sustainable happiness!

Make your life worth living and architect your future based on your purpose.

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Hi, I'm Larissa

I’m a Happiness Master Coach with over 28 years of global Corporate Executive Leadership experience.

My story began in Beirut where I was born to Swiss-Lebanese parents. As a young child, some of my most vivid memories were that of the civil war in Lebanon. Growing up, all I saw around me was the destruction it brought – hunger, necessity, loss, instability and child abuse of the worst kind. In this grim environment, fear, anger, frustration, insecurity, and doubt unwittingly became my obsessive friends.

If at all I experienced courage, self-confidence, gratification, and happiness during those years, they were just mere moments.

At the age of 18, I decided to take control of my life and thus began my journey from chaos to peace, depression to happiness, fear to faith, anger to forgiveness, and finding my way to mental clarity, inner freedom and sustainable happiness…

It wasn’t always an easy path. I faced a series of setbacks, obstacles, and challenges along the way that I learnt to overcome with patience, faith, commitment and perseverance. By sticking it out through these hurdles, I turned my bumpy path into an exciting climb to fulfillment.

At 22, I began my professional journey where I spent 14 years knee-deep in the corporate world. I then moved on to leading the sales and marketing departments of top global hotel chains, taught at three of the best Swiss Hospitality Management schools, and worked as an entrepreneur in human capital development. And just like that another 14 years flew by.

Life had different plans for me and my world changed one fateful day after I had a close brush with death. This shook me and made me re-evaluate my life’s priorities and discover my life’s true purpose.

I now dedicate myself to using my corporate experience and life exposure to help others live and spread sustainable happiness on both professional and personal fronts.

About My Latest Book

How much do you value your life?

When you look death in the face (for the third time!), it serves as the most brutal wake up call to take action and achieve all that you’re meant to.

Writing Happydemic was a lifelong dream of mine, which I finally achieved following a horrible car accident that shook me to my core and made me realise how little I was valuing my life.

I spent the months following my accident in deep introspection and decided to question everything so that I could re-align with my purpose. I gave up listening to the distracting noises within me and committed to focusing on my calling and regaining life by fully detoxing (mentally, emotionally, physically, and environmentally) so that I could succeed.

Happydemic is a rounded view of all my research, studies, practices, personal and professional experience and ongoing learning on how to be the architect of my destiny.

I am so excited to share with you my personal endurance story from all my heart, putting my experiences, competencies, and knowledge in one place and for one purpose: to help you BE TRULY HAPPY and make a positive difference in your life and in the life of others.

Live a life worth living and spread sustainable happiness in our world.

How I Can Help You


I will guide you in the process of creating your purposeful roadmap for living and spreading sustainable happiness


Individual and group sessions to resolve your limitations, unleash inner potentiality, and lead by example in a time of crisis and continuous change

Video Series

Invest in your self-therapy following the MNMS* Full Detox Formula guided process video series towards living and spreading sustainable happiness