Happydemic Training

Bring out the best

in your people

High-impact training to empower your management and help your organisation build a healthy, happy, and high-performing environment

High-performance teams are not created by accident. It starts at the individual level – where every single team member brings their best to the table.

Most training is great for very specific areas of expertise – be it in sales, leadership, productivity, or building relationships – but having a successful business in today’s world requires two things: knowing what has to be done in theory, and knowing the on the ground reality in which employees are expect to apply it.

And that’s where many trainers fall short. Many have never practiced what they’ve preached before, and most neglect equally important contributing factors such as sleep, nutrition, and activity. So the change they create – if it all – is temporary and unsustainable.

We prefer a different approach.

It all starts with building a pervasive culture of happiness.

While even the most traditional training programs today recognise the importance of both mental and physical health to get results, we know that there is far more to just two sides of a coin.

Our winning formula takes into account every factor and last detail that most training programs overlook, including the influence of the mind, nutrition, activity, sleep, self-awareness, and many more.

With decades of experience under her belt, Larissa has trained people from all levels – from middle management to the C-Suite – with customised training solutions, webinars, talks and workshops to help them navigate turbulent business scenarios with a smile, all with an incredible return on investment.

Are you prepared to weather your next storm?

How It Works

Identify Your Priorities

Eliminate confusion and get complete clarity and focus on what your organisation needs for peak performance

Get 100% Tailored Training

Experience Larissa's bespoke training with her signature Happydemic philosophy

Build Upon Your Success

Get tools and techniques that last far beyond a single engagement to stay happy and resilient

Personal Training

A better life makes for better business. Investing in personal training isn’t just about upskilling for the future – it’s also a financially sound decision.

Whether this means that you’re “starting from scratch” from difficult circumstances or are just looking to make a big change in your life or career, we are here to support you and take you from a state of confusion to clarity in your mission, values, and dreams.

Training will be designed according to your needs to help you become the best person you can be, via an inside-out detox (including mental, physical, emotional, social, and environmental derailers) to perform at peak with a healthy mind and body, resilience building, new coping mechanisms, confidence building, and getting clarity of purpose to optimise performance both at personal and professional fronts.

Personal training is for you if you want to...

Want to ignite your potential and thrive regardless of what’s happening in the world around you?

Corporate Training

Are you a busy executive with what feels like never-ending demands on your time and energy? This training can help you reclaim your health and wellbeing, live fulfilled at work and in life, aligned to a clear mission, vision and values, so that you can inspire and lead by example in times of crisis and continuous change.

Topics covered include how to create an environment conducive for everyone to operate at their peak, attaining and sustaining optimal health and wellbeing, building a Happydemic performing team with sustainable strategies to deliver happiness, strategic visioning and fulfilment, inspirational leadership, change and people management, empowering communication, executive presence and personal branding, and much more.

Corporate training is for you if you want to...

Want to be part of a team where you feel supported, empowered, and spread sustainable happiness?