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Highly effective coaching programs for both individuals and teams to enable you to perform at your highest potential across all levels and aspects of life.

Life has a knack for throwing challenges our way, pushing us into survival mode, and nudging us to conform.

We’ve all experienced moments when it feels like happiness and fulfilment are distant echoes. But here’s the stark truth: ignoring the need for self awareness and personal growth only perpetuates this cycle.

Our coaching is about more than just fleeting inspiration or motivation. It’s about profound self awareness, unearthing hidden potential, and banishing the toxic elements that have held you back for too long, and creating the conditions that help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Today’s economy has transitioned to a workforce centred around intellectual contributions, driven by those who excel in problem solving and emotional intelligence. This means there’s an expectation for people just like you to be stronger, work smarter, and make better decisions. Your life is a captivating story waiting to be written, but if your narrative has started to feel lackluster, weighed down by self doubt and unfulfilled dreams, we can help.

This is not a mere "self help remedy".
It is a framework to revolutionise your existence.

That’s why our coaching approach is based on proven, scientific concepts backed by considerable personal experience and built on a robust base of evidence.

Imagine waking up every day with a newfound sense of purpose, unwavering self confidence, and a resilience that knows no bounds. Envision a life where your body, mind, and environment are in perfect harmony, propelling you towards your goals.

This can be your biggest competitive advantage.

How It Works

Discover Untapped Potential

Uncover strengths and weaknesses, via industry leading personalised assessments

Build Your Roadmap

Get a personalised plan to eliminate toxic thoughts, negative influences, and saboteurs

Bring Out the Leader Within

Become the architect of your own fulfilling story by bringing out the leader within yourself

One On One Coaching

Happydemic coaching is based on a positive psychology approach – which, simply put, is about the “science of happiness”.

Larissa will guide you in the process of creating your purposeful roadmap for living and spreading sustainable happiness through mental, physical, emotional, social, and environmental detoxification. You will be able to manage any crisis with a smile.

Positive psychology is the industry benchmark to help you uncover your unique talents, set meaningful goals, and develop strategies to overcome challenges. While healing your scars and breaking through negative imprints of your past is an important component, the emphasis is on empowering you in the present to cultivate a positive mindset, boost your happiness, and find greater satisfaction in your personal and professional life. With a focus on your strengths, aspirations, and wellbeing, this is an opportunity to invest in yourself and work closely with a supportive coach 100% dedicated to helping you take charge, achieve your full potential and lead a more joyful life.

One on one coaching is for you if you want to...

Want to be equipped to handle any curveball life throws at you?

Team Coaching

From the boardroom to the living room, relationships matter.

Team coaching is based on Relationship Systems Intelligence, which at its core, is about “calling people in rather than calling them out” – Marita Fridjhon, CEO and co-founder of CRR Global. It is a powerful approach that transforms how we handle disagreements, conflicts, and differing viewpoints within a team or a system. With methods from the ORSC certification (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching, an integrated and robust coaching model) Larissa will enable you to become adept at navigating a tricky workplace and take each voice of the system as an opportunity for reflection and growth. 

Team coaching programs are also based on the principles of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), the gold standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organisations in the world.

Whether you’re a busy executive or head a large organisation, team coaching will help you gain control, achieve personal growth in a high pressure environment, and give you strategies to optimise the use of your time and energy so you can face immense challenges.

Team coaching is for you if you want to...

Want to experience world-class coaching that will help you face the unknown with confidence and ease?